What To Do in Your First 30 Days as a New Real Estate Agent

As a new real estate agent, you may sometimes find yourself needing to make a deal fast. It’s down to the wire, and money needs to come in for you to pay the bills and buy groceries. Let’s say you only had 30 days to make a deal. Is it possible?

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Here’s what I would do if I was a new real estate agent and I had one month to make a deal:

New Real Estate Agent Tip #1: Become an expert at a single area.

Social media can be clichéd, but it can really pay off if you’re strategic. To highlight your knowledge and bring in new clients, become the expert at a single neighborhood or area on social media.

First, pick an area that’s interesting to you and the people you know. Typically, this might be one notch above where you and your friends live currently. For example, people who live in $500k homes might be interested in $1 million homes. The goal is to pick something that’s exciting and aspirational, but not unrealistic.

Then, become an expert on that neighborhood or subdivision–maybe 300-400 homes. I believe you can do this in as little as three days, just by touring open homes and figuring out what’s for sale. The trick? Document everything you’re learning on Instagram and Facebook. Point out interesting features and rooms, highlight deals, and get people excited.


Next, talk to agents who are selling homes in your target area and if they’re willing, hold open houses. Again, document everything on social media. For the people who visit your open houses, you are now the expert on that area. They don’t have to know that you’ve never sold a home. All they need to know is that you’re a pro on the area they want to live in.

Lastly, you’ll want to use social media to do market updates. These should be smart, insightful 1-2 minute videos on what’s going on in the real estate market. This helps position you not only as an expert on a particular area, but on the real estate market itself.

New Real Estate Agent Tip #2: Develop and contact your database.  

To start developing your database, simply collect the names, email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers of the 100 people you know the most. Put everything into Google Sheets, and once you’ve got that list, shoot out an email and if you can, an actual letter.

The letter should go something like this: Hi, I’m ______. I’m new in the real estate business, and I’d like to help you out.


Then, make an offer. If you’re contacting homeowners, offer to help them find out what they could sell their home for in the current market. If they’re looking to buy a home, offer to provide a list of off-market properties (This may require you to ask around your office for homes that haven’t been listed yet).

You can include either of these “soft offers” as a simple P.S. to your letter. For example: Whenever you’re ready, I’d be happy to do a specific market analysis of your house. Just shoot me a quick email or text message, and I can do that for you at no charge.


In either case, you’ve established yourself as the authority. You know how much their house is worth and you know about the off-market properties. And, you want to continue to stay in touch.

By making just a couple tweaks to more traditional strategies, focusing on a niche, and documenting your expertise, you set yourself up for success even as a new real estate agent. If you’re consistent, confident, and excited about what you’re doing, I believe you can get a deal done in 30 days.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!


Through his speaking, podcast and Youtube channel John inspires real estate agents to create greater levels of freedom by building, growing, and scaling their businesses and teams. His primary focus is on creating a wow culture that humanizes, surprises and delights customers thereby creating a wealth of repeat and referral business. John runs one of the top real estate teams in Arizona selling nearly 200 homes a year with just three agents, all while living full time on Coronado Island in California.


John Gluch.