Why I Went Into Real Estate

Sometimes I get asked why I went into real estate in the first place. I usually give a longer explanation, but really, the answer can be boiled down into one word: freedom.

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The Golden Ticket: Freedom

Like most of us, I wanted more freedom in my life.

I wanted:

Financial freedom: Having more money meant I could do more of what I wanted to do, take my family on vacation, and be freed from financial stress.

Freedom of time: I wanted to spend my time on something that was meaningful to me, not just punch in the clock on some job I didn’t care about.

Freedom of relationship: I wanted to work with people I cared about­, and people who were a good fit for me relationally. I wanted to be able to invest in these people and see them grow.


Freedom of purpose: I wanted to free up time and energy to pursue my God-given purpose on earth.

Thinking that a career in real estate could give me all those things, I got into selling houses.

The problem was, I actually became less free as I started my career.

I worked constantly. I wasn’t making a lot of money. And I was working with people who didn’t respect my time (To give you one example, I showed one potential client 100 homes before she decided she wasn’t going to buy). It felt like I was on a treadmill I couldn’t get off of. And I wasn’t even able to think about my purpose, let alone pursue it.

My Breakthrough Moment

Then, I had a breakthrough moment. When my daughter Eden was born, I remember being in the hospital with my wife and my new daughter. We were experiencing this joyful, exciting time. But it wasn’t long before client phone calls and emails started pouring in. Because I wasn’t making a ton of money, I couldn’t afford to just ignore the people I was working with, even though my daughter had just been born and they weren’t respecting my time.

So, before even leaving the hospital, I was working.

I thought, This just isn’t sustainable. There must be another way.


I knew there were plenty of other real estate agents who had been extremely successful in creating freedom for themselves and their families. But there were so many coaching programs and mentors, it was difficult to know where to begin.

Still, I decided I was going to jump in and learn all that I could about building a business, becoming successful at real estate, and most importantly, gaining the freedom I was looking for. With the support of my wife, I dove in.

Why I Went into Real Estate: The Results

My daughter Eden is now 6 years old. Years after that first epiphany, I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaching and mentorship and spent tens of thousands of hours on going to events, listening to podcasts and audio books, and reading about how to gain financial freedom and success through real estate.

There are probably 10,000 different ways to get coached on creating the right mindset, building a business, and being successful in real estate. It would be impossible to do it all, but I feel like I’ve come close!

And in the process, I’ve learned how to create an amazing life. My life does, in fact, have all the freedom I wanted in the first place. I’ve created a real estate business in Arizona where we sell a couple hundred houses a year. I have an amazing team that I love to work with. I live on Coronado Island in San Diego, CA, where I’ve been working with my team remotely for the past three years with great success.

Finally, I have the flexibility to have freedom of purpose.

And I believe that part of my purpose is to lead and influence other leaders–people like you, who want to grow, succeed, and gain more freedom to pursue their God-given callings.

That being said, I’ve now accumulated what I believe is the best teaching on how to gain the freedom I wanted in the first place. I’ll be sharing these strategies and practical tools on this blog and my YouTube channel.

My goal?

I want to help you get free from unfruitful work and busyness. I want you to have more resources–money, time, and energy–to pursue your purpose.

Please, feel free to reach out to me any time. I’m happy to talk through these ideas more, and answer any questions you might have!


Through his speaking, podcast and Youtube channel John inspires real estate agents to create greater levels of freedom by building, growing, and scaling their businesses and teams. His primary focus is on creating a wow culture that humanizes, surprises and delights customers thereby creating a wealth of repeat and referral business. John runs one of the top real estate teams in Arizona selling nearly 200 homes a year with just three agents, all while living full time on Coronado Island in California.

John Gluch.