How to Choose a Sponsor at eXp?

One of my favorite things about working at eXp is the revenue sharing. You get a little piece of what eXp gets paid. This creates an environment where all of the agents work their hardest to prove that they’re adding value to the company, and it encourages a culture of giving back. 

I love this.

For the group I founded, the Abundance Agents, it’s my goal to set up an environment that encourages successful people to give back to others. I called it this because we’re operating from a place of abundance. Many of us have done really well in real estate and want to share the extra energy and knowledge that we have. Giving back and helping like minded people is so important. 

The saying goes “teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” Well, here at eXp we say “teach a man to teach a man to fish.” This is why I’ve made a whole host of resources available to my team to help them flourish. (And some resources available that are available to everyone.)

But, before we get more into that, I want to cover the two key things to consider when you’re looking to join a group at eXp.

What are the key things to consider when joining a group?

The two key things to consider are that

  1. you want to join people who let you achieve freedom now, and
  2. you want to join a group that will provide you and your family freedom in the future.

You want to join people who let you achieve freedom now. 

What this means is that you want to put yourself in a position where you have good financial independence so that you can work less and spend time on tasks that you love to do. You also want to join a group that will allow you to leverage your contacts to sell more effectively.

You want to join a group that will provide you and your family freedom in the future. 

Passive income streams will give you this freedom. This means that if you want to take a month off, you can take that time to focus on yourself or your family. It means that you can get off the transaction treadmill. 

This is done through recruiting agents to eXp and revenue sharing.

When it comes to growing your future, think in the terms of planting seeds. When you devote some time and energy in the present you will be rewarded ten-fold in the future. Those seeds that you plant will grow into trees, which in time will bear fruit, rewarding you for your investment.

What we offer to our abundance agents

In addition to ongoing trainings, here are some of the different groups that you can access and join on the eXp website after you’ve picked a sponsor:

  1. Monday Mastermind: Here hundreds of agents join each other online to explore current topics that will help you sell homes. Questions are asked by agents that are at different levels and answered by highly successful agents.
  2. John’s Weekly Agent Tips: This is my own way of giving back. Every week I send out an email to give you insights into subjects like “How to find off market properties,” or “How to turn a virtual tour into a rock solid client.”
  3.  Events: Going to real estate events, such as the Build 22 Conference with Tony Robbins, is a great way to expand your mind and dial you in to different ways to approach your work.
  4. Biweekly Training on Agent Attraction: A great weekly course on how to recruit agents to eXp.

We also offer:

  • an internal team learning system,
  • access to a concierge onboarding process for you and your recruits,
  • access to our slack channel,
  • access to my personal automations,
  • incredible events,
  • An incredible community, and 
  • more!

Why I love eXp

What’s great about eXp is that it’s designed towards helping you work smarter and harder. Having like-minded people on your team who help push you to attain your goals is the environment you want to be in when attempting to shape your future. For more information on picking a sponsor, joining a group, or any other questions you may have feel free to reach out.

And, as always, feel free to reach out. I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have.

John Gluch.