|  Abundant Agent Lifestyle Mindset Scorecard

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You rarely or never get referrals because they are so hard to get. People don’t trust you or believe you are good enough to refer business to you.You’d love more referrals but just don’t know how to go get them. You believe you would do a good job for people but can’t quite seem to get any momentum.You have a system in place that puts you in front of potential referral sources regulartly and it’s working. You get referrals often and consider yourself successful with them.You get referrals monthly and are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to generate even more. You belive that people would be crazy no to refer their friends to you.
You are continually by frustrated working with uncommitted buyers. You waste lots of time on people who never committ to you or buying a home.You have had some success with buyers but it’s inconsistent and unpredictable. You see other agents succeding and wonder what they are doing that you are not.You have working with buyers down and have a proven system for taking them from lead to close. You close multiple buyers a month.You search for off market homes and often create deals that would not happen without you. You earn a higher than average fee and earn every bit of it. You leverage your buyers to get more listings.
You believe that only experienced agents get listings and you are forced to work with buyers. You’re frustrated that listing agents don’t pay buyers agents well enough.You’ve had a few listings but don’t know how to get them consistently. You’d love a better plan but are not sure how to get listings without a big marketing budget.You list and sell several homes a year and have a system in place including a formal listing presentation and scripts with objection handlers.You sell lots of homes and spend time monthly determining how you can not only get more listings but do more to deliver value to your sellers. You proudly and regularly set neighborhood price records.
You hardly have any leads to convert and the leads you have don’t want to talk to you. They are hard to get a hold of and you feel defeated every time you call.You have some leads but are not sure where to get more. You try hard to follow up but are unclear on what to say. You know you need some script coaching.You are good on the phones and don’t mind calling back leads. You have scripts in place and undertand how to move leads from one stage of the sales pipe to another.You consider it your responsibility to help your leads get from A to Z and you are fantastic at it. You love calling leads because you have a solution for their problems even if they don’t know it yet!
You are unhappy most of the time. Things never seem to go your way. Your life has felt like one long string of bad luck and you wish things were different.You have joyful times here and there but would like more consistency. You see others who are happy and know that if you made changes you could be like them.You are happy most days and enjoy what you do. You are successful and have many of the things you want in life. You are thankful for a good life.You have so much joy it spills out of you! You consider it a crime to be unhappy in this life and an obligation for you to share the joy with those around you. Your joy is conagious.
You have almost no free time and spend most days doing things you have to do. The burdens of life consume most of the day. Vacations are a pipedream for you.You have some time to yourself but don’t always use it well. Most of the time you feel busy and you don’t know how to free up more time for yourself.You go on nice vacations each year and make it to most family events. You take the occasional work call while on vacation but enjoy your time off.You get all the time off you want and need and when you are off you are OFF! You are present in each moment and are an example to those around you of how to manage your time well and with balance.
You can’t even imagine a world where you got paid in your sleep. You work for every dollar you have and are way under paid. You are in debt and struggling.Passive income sounds cool but seems impossible. You have no idea where to start but with the right coaching you’d love to put some time into it.You have a plan in place and have made good progress on generating enough passive income to replace your work income. You are on your way to freedomYou already have great passive income and could stop working today if you wanted. You only continue to increase your lifestyle and help others achive their goals.
You believe that people should help themselves and not expect handouts. Taking care of yourself and your family is your focus.You like the idea of serving others but are overwhlemed by taking care of yourself and your family. Maybee one day you will have capacity for serving.You have succeeded to a level that alows you to serve others with your time and money. You support people and causes you believe in and enjoy doing so.Your primary purpose is serving others out of the overflow of your life. You have way more than enough time, money, and energy and happily give yourself away daily.

John Gluch.