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Monday Mastermind

The Monday Mastermind is the cornerstone of our group at EXP and I learn something new every time I attend. It’s also the easiest way to recruit people to EXP. Make this a part of your week and watch your business explode. A password is required which changes monthly.

Click the “Learn More” button to visit the Fast Forward Movement Facebook page for the latest Zoom link and password. If you are not yet a member of that group, email me and I’ll add you!

Sales Training and Roleplay Thursdays 9am

Every Thursday at 9am Pacific my team leads a sales training and role play call to help you scale up your sales skills. Click the “Learn More” button to subscribe to the calendar that will give you the most up to date zoom link.

Revenue Share Training NEXT Tuesday

Decide today to start working towards getting off of the real estate hamster wheel. This Mastermind is hosted by Jon Pugh and Mayur Thakarar who have built a fantastically successful group at EXP that have allowed them to stop selling homes entirely!

Every First and Third Tuesday at 1:00 Pacific join them as they help you do the same. This is a mastermind private to their group (4 Aces Nation) but I have paid to be a part of their coaching program which includes your being able to attend!

Click the “Learn More” button to subscribe to a calendar that will always have the updated date, time, and link for this event.

Build 22 Conference With Tony Robbins

Join me any many members of our Group this August at one of my favorite real estate events of the year! This is a fantastic event that will equip you with the strategy and mindset required to get to the next level in you career. Half real estate coaching, half Tony Robbins this is one you don’t want to miss! (P.S. this is an amazing recruiting opportunity!)

Click “Learn More” to learn more and register!

If you decide to come be sure to let me know so I can add you to my VIP list of guests for whom we are organizing some private dinners and get togethers at the event!

Pre Registration Now Open For EXPCON 22

Save the date and pre register today to be sure you don’t miss out on updates and details when tickets for this epic event go on sale. I’ll see you in Vegas!

Click “Learn More” to pre register.

John Gluch.

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