Goal Setting vs. Goal Keeping

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Setting a goal is easy. Anyone can do that. Goal keeping, however, is much harder. The Gluch Group has sold more than 2000 homes. To do this we use a simple goal-keeping system that we apply to every member of our team. I’m going to share that with you in this post, and I hope that it can provide you with some direction.

Before We Get to the Scorecard

First of all, here is a link to the scorecard. It’s here in this article below, but go ahead, and make a copy for yourself.

Working with this scorecard begins with a process of self-reflection. We ask our team members to spend some time filling it out. Once they have, we set up a half-hour meeting with leadership to go over it.

The first section you’ll see on the scorecard is the “Mission.” The one here is for our sales agent. Feel free to change this with a mission applicable to you or your team member who’s filling this out. The Key Skills are another section that is tweaked according to roll. Key Attributes apply to everyone.

The Scorecard

POSITION: Outside Sales Agent (OSA) 

Scoring key 7=good, as expected, anything higher is exceptional, lower needs work

Before I sign off, I want to clarify a few more things.

Vital Goals

These are all lagging indicators. Always include homes sold. Some other ideas could be tracking with Sisu metrics or these. Some other goals might also be eXp recruits, attending masterminds, team review completed, additions to your database, and partner closings

Vital Priorities

Vital priorities are other skills to master. This is the work you’re going to do to get the fruit of your goals. They’re what you’re focusing on to achieve your goals. These could include spending some time each day to improve a skill, to attend X hours of masterminds or training, the hours prospected on creating new leads, open and close shop 2x daily, social media posts, or  X amount of open houses

Vital Improvements

These are a bit looser. They can be things like being a better team player or problem solver, or they can be notes you’ve got back from leadership. These might include building new habits or goals such as time blocking 60% of every workday, never missing a team meeting, shadowing X showings with the best agent on the team, or encouraging your Virtual Assistants thoughtfully once a week. 

That’s our Scorecard! 

I hope you found this helpful. If you have questions about this or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m always happy to help.


If you are interested in discounted pricing on Sisu, the goal tracking software I show in the video👇

John Gluch.