Our #1 Tool to Pre-Sell Prospects

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How would you like to show up to the very first meeting you have with a buyer or a seller, one that you’ve never met before, and discover that they’re already sold on you? That would be amazing, right?

Well, that’s what we call pre-selling, and in this post I want to share with you my absolute favorite tool that helps me and my teams pre-sell our prospects. It’s called HighNote, and it’s a great app designed for pre-selling yourself to your buyers and sellers. You can check out the video above for a full overview, but this post will explain, from a high level, how it works and some of the different things we do with it at the Gluch Group to make sure our buyers and sellers think we’re amazing before we even show up.

It’s all in the pre-sell.

Pre-selling is the idea of selling before you, well, sell in person. In other words, you want people to have consumed some content and to have thought a bit about you before meeting up. The goal is that when you show up, they’re like, wow, these folks are amazing. They’re already warmed up and ready to buy what you’re selling. So, make sure people consume some content before you show up.

Meet HighNote.

HighNote is how the Gluch Group does it. This program is super customizable and it lets you create these little websites for each of your clients. This provides us with an opportunity to build a personal connection with a prospect. If they just found you on Zillow, they likely know nothing about you. These messages give you the chance to make a personal hello, so they know that a real person is behind this, not some big, anonymous corporation. You’re just another person who’s on a mission to help them buy, or sell, the house of their dreams.

What goes in the message?

Well, honestly, whatever you want. It can be a simple hello, or you can use it to pre-frame the meeting more thoroughly. No matter what you decide to go with, I suggest going with something that’s personal. 

You can use a free tool, like Loom, to send a quick, personal message where you’re speaking directly to them. And that can be it. Or, you can send more materials along. We’ll send them secret buyer maps of hundreds of properties that are about to come to market. We’ll send them links to some of our past blog posts, information about our VIP buyer benefits, and our commission back guarantee.

If you want to take a look at any of this content, or anything else you’ve seen in the video, shoot me a message at john@gluchgroup.com. I’m happy to send you the materials. Feel free to customize them and put them to work. But, really, you can put whatever you want in these messages. It’s a place to play.

And there’s analytics!

What’s also super cool is you get analytics on how people spend their time looking at what you send them. This is super valuable. It helps us to know who’s engaged, or where people fell off, that kind of stuff. We know how long they spent on the page and what they clicked on. 

Bypass Highnote’s waiting list and skip the months long wait! 👇

So, do you want to use HighNote?

Normally, there’s a waiting list, but you’re in luck! I have a link that will help you bypass that. I can make sure you have the link to get you started on HighNote. Again, if you have any questions about this, or anything else real estate related, I’m always happy to chat.

Do you want a copy of the documents I talk about in this post?
Want to skip the months long wait for a highnote subscription? 👇

John Gluch.