The Best 5 Minutes a Month You’ll Spend Are on this Amazing Referral Generating Postcard

I want john’s team to do this for me for free!

My team will do these for you for free! To learn more about how it works enter your info to the right and we will reach out with next steps!

What are you doing every month to help remind your clients, past clients, friends and family, or anyone, really, who might refer your business? 

For most agents I coach, the answer is nothing. 

Let’s get a little more specific. What are you mailing them each month, without fail, systematically to make sure that they remember you and that you’re their go-to person in the real estate field?

Well, for most agents I coach, the answer is also (initially at least) nothing. They have no proactive plan to make sure that they’re consistently in front of their database. But, thankfully, this is easily solved and something we can solve together.

Today, I’m going to talk about the number one system we use at the Gluch Group to make sure that our clients always know that we’re the people to go to when it comes to real estate sales. Last year we did about $2 million in commissions and about a million of that was from repeat and referral business. So, we’re pretty good at this. 

So, what’s the top system?

Believe it or not: Postcards. Good, old fashioned postcards are one of our absolute top systems for generating referral business. It’s the place I recommend everybody starts in terms of staying in touch with your database.

What is behind a perfect postcard?

Let’s walk through the dynamics of what this postcard is and the magic that makes it work. The front of what we use looks something like this:

It’s made by Dean Jackson. We’re a part of his coaching program. He creates these for us, and we supply them to our team and our group at eXp. The back looks something like this: 

This is one of Stacy’s. She’s on my team. Each of us have our own personalized postcards. It helps us build a deeper relationship with any current or potential clients. This shows up each month in all the people in her database’s mailbox. 

What if this isn’t “your brand”?

That doesn’t matter. That’s fine. The point is it sticks out. And, as far as we’re concerned, it works. Now we don’t pretend to assume that most people read this every time it’s sent to them. I’d be shocked if 5% of the people who get it read it. Worst case scenario, people notice it on the way to the trash. But that little reminder, especially after a few months, can lead to some real business.

How and why does this work?

The “world’s most interesting postcard,” the front of our postcard, is a bunch of facts and interesting little tidbits. These fun facts help the postcard stay in a person’s mind, and they change with each mailing. By sharing this with people, you’re not just asking for a referral, you’re providing them with a source of tidbits of info they can drop into conversations. You’re offering them something. Everyone likes to be the source of the source. Everyone likes to be the person who knows about the cool movie or the cool TV show or the fun fact. This is similar to the reason why we’re offering the report. People want to know the price of their homes. They want to know more about the market. They don’t want to be begged for a referral. We just want to stay in the front of people’s minds. That way when they need to sell or are looking to buy, or know someone who is, we’re the first to come to mind.

How do you get a postcard of your own set up?

There’s two ways. You can sign up for Dean’s coaching program. It’s totally affordable and I recommend it. He’ll make a digital card every month and then you format it a bit and add more of that personal touch. Or if you’re interested in joining the Gluch Group expansion team or our group with eXp, we do all this for you and more. We have an amazing team of virtual assistants who would love to step in and get these done for you each and every month. And if you’re in Arizona, our title company can even print these for you for free, so literally all you have to do is keep your spreadsheet up to date. If you’re interested in either of these or have any questions reach out and let us know. We’d love to help!

I want john’s team to do this for me for free!

My team will do these for you for free! To learn more about how it works enter your info to the right and we will reach out with next steps!


Through his speaking, podcast and Youtube channel John inspires real estate agents to create greater levels of freedom by building, growing, and scaling their businesses and teams. His primary focus is on creating a wow culture that humanizes, surprises and delights customers thereby creating a wealth of repeat and referral business. John runs one of the top real estate teams in Arizona selling nearly 200 homes a year with just three agents, all while living full time on Coronado Island in California.


John Gluch.