EXP Realty Agent Fees Explained And A Helpful Calculator

The costs and fee structure at eXp can be a somewhat overwhelming, so here is a quick video explanation.

***Go check out the Revenue Calculator to follow along with the video!***

Revenue Share Calculator

This is how you figure out how things work if you recruit new agents to eXp. In line 1 on the model, you earn 3.5% for every agent you bring on no matter what. Which is awesome! You are earning revenue on every person you bring on no matter what because you just need one person to get this model going. 

To receive income from that original person you signed up then going on to sign another person, you would need to have 5 people that you have brought on. As you keep going down column B in the model, you can see how many people you would need to recruit to continue to receive compensation in that element of your down line. This is eXp’s way of incentivizing you to recruit more people. 

Keep in mind, you cannot just sign anyone up. You have to have signed up individuals who have sold two homes or have a minimum of $5,000 in gross commission income in a rolling six-month period. Anyone who meets this requirement is a Front Line Qualifying Agent and counts as an individual underneath you in this model. 

Back to thinking about that first agent you brought on, if they cap (max out at $16,000 to eXp in fees), you receive $2,800 from revenue share no matter what. As you play around with the model, consider making sure you have 5 people on your front line before you add people on down the line. Remember, you would need 5 agents on that front line to receive any income from line 2 and so on. 

Solo Agent Tab

You can plug in your transactions, average commission, number of agents you have recruited, and so on to play around with this model. You can see your gross income and your fees to eXp. You cap at $16,000 in fees to eXp. You do have the possibility to become an Icon Agent and get all of that $16,000 back if you do enough transactions for eXp. 

You get $200 in stock your first transaction. Once you cap, you get a $400 stock option. Then for the Icon status you get $16,000 back in stock to you. You can also calculate in agent attraction stock. You get $400 in stock per every agent you have recruited. 

At the end of this you can see your Net Commission Income and Revenue Share Income. As you can see, especially if you are recruiting new agents, this is the best game in town!Always happy to answer any questions via call or zoom on this!


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