Don’t make this mistake! How waiting to join eXp cost me $600,000

If you’ve been waiting to join eXp, I have one suggestion for you: join now. You’re losing money. In this post, I have a cautionary tale to tell. I’m going to share with you what it cost me when I waited a year to join eXp. If I can save you even a tenth of what I lost, I’ll have done my job here. So, here we go. This is why it cost me $600,000 by not joining eXp when I should have.

Why’d I hesitate?

I had this amazing time in Las Vegas with Dan Beer and David Whissel. I met incredible people out there who were outselling me five to one. I saw how amazing eXp was and how it could help me sell a lot more houses. I came home all jazzed about it, but I was talked out of, in a way, by my broker. He was like, you don’t want to become a recruiter, and you don’t want your sales to fall off. And so, I wanted to “focus on my business” so I delayed joining eXp. But, it cost me. 

Missing out on Revenue Share

Now, the revenue share since I joined last November has been around $19,000. If I annualize that, that’s about $28,000. So, by waiting a year before joining I lost probably $30,000 or more alone. This is money that gets paid out every month by eXp. I didn’t even have to do much recruiting. I was just really excited and told a lot of people and they joined. It’s been a huge win for us.

Missing out on Stocks

Now, eXp gives out stocks to its members for a whole host of reasons, but that’s a post for another time. I have 337 shares that are worth roughly $16,000. I got these shares when they were worth around $40. If I had joined a year early, the stocks were worth around $4. Since I earn about $24k a year in free stock from eXp, if I had joined earlier my stock would be worth about $288k. So, that was a huge loss there.

Missing Out on Sales

In 2020, we did about $70.7M in sales. This year, so far, we’ve made $96.9M. So, forecasting 

it out for the rest of the year, we’re likely to be making around $128M. Now, that’s an extra $1.4 million in commissions we’ll make, and my profit margin is around 20%, so that’s an extra $285,000.

So, you want to join eXp?

Now’s the best time to join. If you have any questions, email me at [email protected] or call at (480) 329-4995.. We can have a quick strategy meeting about how to move you and your team closer toward wherever you’re wanting to go. So, reach out and let’s get started today.

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