Avoid These Two Giant Mistakes Real Estate Agents Make When Picking an Office Space

There are two major mistakes that real estate agents make when choosing an office space and getting your business started. Today you’ll learn how to avoid those pitfalls and how to choose a space that will help grow your business and your team in a healthy, intuitive, and financially responsible way.

Agent Academy Podcast with Daniel Beer

Check out the lasted podcast I did with Daniel Beer! We covered a ton of ground from hiring VA’s to getting good at signing VIP buyer agreements. Here are the highlights you don’t want to miss.

What to do when a lead calls about a house that is pending or you’re not the listing agent

What do you do when you have a buyer who wants to see a property, but it’s pending?

How to turn long term seller leads into listings

What do you do when you’ve got a long-term lifting lead?

Say, you’ve got somebody who wants to sell their house in six, or maybe nine, months. It’s a real lead. They’re going to sell, but they’re a ways out.

How to turn a virtual tour buyer lead into a rock solid client

Imagine a scenario… Your sales pipeline brought you a Zillow lead from some other state. They want to see a property in your area but there’s no way they’re flying in. The solution? You lead them on a virtual tour.

How to find off market properties (and making that your unique selling proposition)

Why would a buyer want to use you as the realtor?

As a realtor, it’s important to know the answer to this question. You need to know what makes you special, unique, and different than everybody else.

Goal Setting vs. Goal Keeping

Goal keeping system that we apply to every member of our team. I’m going to share that with you in this post, and I hope that it can provide you with some direction.

Winning with buyers in a low inventory market

We’re going to go through a few different scenarios that will teach you some tactics that have the potential to help you double your success with buyers.

Our #1 Tool to Pre-Sell Prospects

How would you like to show up to the very first meeting you have with a buyer or a seller, one that you’ve never met before, and discover that they’re already sold on you? That would be amazing, right?

How to set up an LLC as a real estate agent to save on taxes

Should you be creating a separate entity for your real estate business? What is the cost? What is the process? In this podcast episode we dig in deep and go through step by step not only how but why you should be setting up your entity.

John Gluch.