How to get your offer accepted in this insane market 2.0

I’m sure you’re like all the agents on my team out there fighting hard for your clients to get offers accepted in this insane market. When you’re up against 20, 30, or, even, 50 other offers, it can be tough. Well, I’ve got some great news for you today. In this post, I’m sharing with you five new strategies to get your offers accepted in this insane market. 

1. Cover Letters

We have a lot of success with these. When you send the offer, don’t send a bunch of PDFs. It’s way too much work for the recipient to deal with. What we do is send it all as one big PDF but summarize it and give it a cover letter, which you can download a template of here. Using a cover letter like this makes the job easier for them. It puts all the information in one place and makes all these documents easier to digest. As you’ll see in the template, use emojis, be relatable, and be concise. Remember, they should know that there’s another human being behind this. We also include little love letters to the buyer at the end. You can check out how to write your own here

2. Write a great email

Write a great email. You can use our template here. The goal is to stand out and be relatable. Use emojis, have fun, and make your email stand out from the rest. Mention any commonalities you have with the agent. Maybe you worked together in the past or went to the same school. Mention that! Or anything that helps them get to know you.   

3. Order two appraisals

This is an expensive option, but if you’re worried about the appraisal coming in low, you could use two lenders and get two different appraisals. Again, I recognize it’s an expensive option, but for the right deal it could work wonders.

4. Check the docs tab in MLS

Get every bit of info you can. See what the offering party wants you to do. Something as simple as following instructions can really help you stick out. If I was a buyer’s agent, I would listen to whatever listing agents are saying right now. Know what hoops they want you to jump through.

5. Reach out

I’m always happy to help. You can book an appointment to schedule a call. I’d be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

John Gluch.