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Revenue Share Training Every First and Third Tuesday at 1:00 Pacific

Decide today to start working towards getting off of the real estate hamster wheel. This Mastermind is hosted by Jon Pugh and Mayur Thakarar who have built a fantastically successful group at EXP that have allowed them to stop selling homes entirely!

Every First and Third Tuesday at 1:00 Pacific join them as they help you do the same. This is a mastermind private to their group (4 Aces Nation) but I have paid to be a part of their coaching program which includes your being able to attend!

Click the “Learn More” button to subscribe to a calendar that will always have the updated date, time, and link for this event.

Pre Registration Now Open For EXPCON 22

Save the date and pre register today to be sure you don’t miss out on updates and details when tickets for this epic event go on sale. I’ll see you in Vegas!

Click “Learn More” to pre register.

Your Very Own Onboarding Angel Ashley Ellis

We want to make it as EASY as possible for you to recruit people to our group at EXP and so we are thrilled to announce that you now have access to your very own dedicated Onboarding Angel! Ashley can help you and anyone in our EXP group with:

✅ Filling out the EXP application together via zoom when people are ready to move to EXP.

✅ Setting up 3 way calls with me for people you would like me to meet with.

Answer questions and hold the hand of the people you sponsor as they get acquainted with all of EXP’s many systems

✅ Show your sponsored agents all of the many resources available to them as part of the Fast Forward Movement, Honey Badgers etc.

✅ Anything else EXP related that she can help with!

Email Ashley any time and she would be happy to help you win over your next recruit! [email protected]

Maui Invitational Master Collaboration Series

Registration opens Aug 1!
Dates: Jan 29th – Feb 5th, 2023.
Location: Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa

**Must have 20 FLQA and 100 in your group to qualify. Verification required during registration.

Click “Learn More”.

The Worlds Most Interesting Postcard

The Worlds Most Interesting Postcard is the best mailing piece I know of to cheaply and easily generate more repeat and referral business. Best of all, my team will make a new one for you, free of charge, each and every month! To learn more and sign up for yours click “learn more”


As your getting up and running with EXP there are LOTS of resources specifically available to you because my team and I are in your upline. To learn more about what those resources are and how to take advantage of them we have created a Trainual module! Click “Learn More” to get access.

John's Regular Text Updates

In my opinion, the absolute biggest benefit in joining EXP is the value that your sponsor and the 6 sponsors above them provide to you.  Collectively, we host powerful weekly zoom masterminds, Quarterly trips with headliners like Tony Robbins, monthly happy hours to ensure you feel like the part of the family you are, and so so much more.

This is a LOT to keep up with so I text out the absolute most important info for you to be aware of about once a week via my texting app Community.

Click Opt in or text your sponsors name to 619-304-6897

John Gluch.

[email protected]